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About Alexis: Massage Therapy in DDO

Massage therapy is an ancient healing practice since 430 B.C. It has developed and practiced with varying techniques by many cultures for centuries all over the world.


Hello there! I am the owner of Alexis Massage Therapy here in Dollard-des-Ormeaux (D.D.O) Since 1993, I have been helping people of all ages and walks of life with massage therapy to help them feel better by improving their circulation and mobility after strokes, surgeries, sports, and work injuries; as well as reducing and removing pain.  I have studied under Bonni Pruden in Arizona, the originator of myotherapy, who developed a particular type of massage therapy that integrates treatment and rehabilitation using myofascial trigger points, along with a broad range of soft tissue massage and gentle manipulation.  Over the years, I developed a massage therapy that is a combination of two modalities. My technique includes myotherapy and sports therapy massage. My professional home-based business is nestled in a quiet and peaceful part of D.D.O where there is ample parking. We are centrally located just east of Boulevard des Sources on the north side of Route Transcanadienne-Autoroute 40. 



Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® is a gentle, hands-on technique that relieves muscle related pain.

It works by deactivating trigger points. Trigger points are irritable spots in the muscle that are caused from injuries in a person’s life. Injuries from even birth, surgeries, accidents or repetitive motion in sports or occupations can aggravate the muscle and produce trigger points. Myotherapy is useful because it works by removing trigger points by applying light pressure to the muscle and finding spots of intense sensitivity. Pressure is then applied to the muscle for a few seconds. The client getting the treatment determines the quantity of pressure. When pressure is applied to a trigger point, it can be uncomfortable, but an ounce of discomfort is well worth the relief you receive. 



Sports Massage Therapy

These are particularly oriented massage techniques for athletes designed to enhance the athlete’s preparation or recovery from training or competition.

Working with a range of athletes from hockey players to martial artists, my sports massage therapy helps athletes to be game ready, cool down from an athletic performance or prepare for their next game. Individual athletes, local teams, and clubs can receive multitude benefits with sports massage therapy. For pre-event sports therapy massage, benefits for athletes are: reduces competition stress, increases mental clarity and boosts confidence. For post-event sports, massage therapy helps to minimize Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), identifies any new injuries sites and reduces post recuperation time after a game.



Here is what my clients are saying about Alexis Massage Therapy here in D.D.O

I am 89, and I have arthritis in both my knees and on my back. Alexis’ has a deep massage that is very good. He really helps me with my circulation, keeps my blood flowing and helps me to stay mobile. Thanx for all your help Alex!

Barbara M.


Many years ago I had a sports injury playing soccer that caused me to have pain in my back. Over the years, the pain increased. All doctors could do was to prescribe painkillers. I tried physiotherapy, and that did not work. I found Alex, and I am so happy, the pain is less, and I feel a lot better. Thanx Alex!

Mia Abu Fayeed


A long time ago, I had a work injury and injured my shoulder, and it brought me a lot of pain. I tried everything for my shoulder pain: chiropractic, naturopathy, and physiotherapy. I see Alex every month for a massage on my shoulder which has helped tremendously with relieving the pain and the improving my mobility. 

Rudy Ibio


Massage Therapy Pricing

$60 per hour- session at my home

$70 per hour- session at your home

( I carry a massage table where ever I go)

We can provide reciepts for insurance purposes


Hello there. If you have any inquires or would like to make an appointment, the best way to contact me is by text or by calling. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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